By Jessica Nunes

On March 24, Northwest University’s Executive Council hosted a C.S. Lewis and Politics Talk, where guest speaker Peter Meilaender gave a lecture on Lewis’s views on politics, life, Christians, equality and dealing with the public square. Meilaender has taught and lectured in many C.S. Lewis classes over the past five years, where he has specifically studied the political views of Lewis and how it shapes his world view. One of the main points Meilaender made in his lecture is that God created an egalitarian world.

“We are naturally unequal and different but as humans we bring our differences into community,” Meilaender said.

Photo of Christine Toavs by Jessica Nunes

With the help from Christine Toavs and Grace Seyoum, who are members of the Northwest’s Executive Council, the discussions that arose from students who go to different colleges after this lecture were enlightening and informative. In talking with Toavs, who is junior English major with a minor in political science, she explains how the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) started the Executive Council, allowing colleges like Northwest University to start programs that teach students about politics and public policy.

Toavs goes on to explain that the Executive Council is a strong organization that encourages college students to take a more hands-on approach with politics. In providing an environment and platform for all voices, the goal of this organization is to get students engaged and to create a pathway for better understanding.

Becoming a member of this organization unlocks benefits like traveling to different conferences and networking with other schools and students about events. There is an intensive application process where you need to fill out an application, have a letter of recommendation, maintain a 3.5 GPA, participate in an interview and go through the organization’s screening process. If you prefer not to become an official member, you can still join the organization and participate in events at school.

If anyone is interested in joining or learning more about the Executive Council or the NU Speech and Debate Team, then contact Christine Toavs or Grace Seyoum, who are eager to have more people at NU find community on campus, challenge themselves and gain confidence in their speaking ability.