By Marietta “Mary Beth” Barrett

On Thursday, March 25, Mosaic and SAB hosted the annual Art Show in HSC Fireside. This year’s theme was “Happily-Ever-After,” and students were free to submit work they felt represented this idea. This year’s event marks the return to the traditional in-person format.

Students contributed a wide variety of pieces to the show representing their ideas of “Happily-Ever-After.” Submissions included everything from drawings, to digital art, to poetry, to painted clothing and an artistic television set.  The mediums (art supplies used, i.e. paint and such) were as varied as the styles presented.  Viewers could find realism, impressionism, surrealism and collages (among others).  In short, there was something for everyone.

Some of the artwork held potent sentiments for the artists.  Freshman Ian Reynoso submitted a large piece of digital artwork, stating that “The little girl at the bottom (of the picture) is my little sister who died from cancer a couple years ago, and the faith she had represents salvation. I aspire to be like her in that spiritual aspect.”


Morgan Jamieson, another freshman, also represented a loved one in her artwork.  She created a digital representation of her and her boyfriend framed by moth wings. Jamieson says, it shows “how I feel about our relationship in a visual way.”

Martina Preston took a different avenue for her artwork.  First of all, she went with the classic medium of paint.  Secondly, she created scenic images instead of human representation.  She decided to paint two scenes.  One is a European staircase, while the other is a trolley.

Overall, the event was busy and full of life.  HSC was decorated in sparkling gold and peppered with balloons.  An “Art Show” balloon sign adorned a black curtain to one side of the event and provided a prime photo area.  In addition, classical music played gently in the background, complementing the elegant dress-wear of the students.  It was a chance for everyone to come together and enjoy each other’s artwork.