Photo by Holly Hollopeter

By Deja Andrades

It’s that time of the year again, when all of our stress pimples start forming, our healthy eating goes out the window, and we hold onto our grades stronger than Jack held onto Rose in the Titanic. Finals are just around the corner, and there is no turning back.

Let’s face it – the stress is inevitable! When all of your professors are for asking too much all at the same time, there will always be some sweat and tears involved. But we don’t have to continue to be victims in the situation. There are a few different ways we can handle stress and uncertainty toward these last few days of the semester:

1. Just start it!

My favorite part of being a student is complaining about all the work I have to do, yet still procrastinating to get it done. We are a silly generation, but whatever it is that you have to do, just start it! Our brains will mentally want to finish that assignment if we simply just begin the process.

2. Don’t forget to eat!

I know that pizza and ice cream is the thing you crave right now, especially with the sudden weather change, but try to sneak something green into your diet, please! (This doesn’t include sour straws or any other green candy). I’m not getting scientific here, but I think we should all have a general understanding of how to take care of our insides properly. Just think, if your whole plate is brown, you’re probably doing something wrong, sweetie.

3. Mental Health.

Sleeping, eating and staying positive. Those are all very important steps to success during these last two weeks of classes. Taking great care of our mental health is probably one of the most essential things to work on not only during these stressful times, but all year long. Our minds are like cars – if you take care of it, it will take care of you. Profound, huh?

4. Pray!

No explanation is even needed.

Let’s continue to strive through these last weeks of school with our heads held high, and our hips swaying from pure success from these wonderful steps.