All photos By Dr. Will Mari


By Gabriella Febrienzka

The Northwest University College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) hosted a Valentine’s Day celebration in HSC Fireside Lobby. The event was a combination of educational displays as well as entertaining and engaging games for students and faculty.

Each department presented different interactive games to play and the winner of each of game was able to bring home a prize.

Professor Chrystal Helmcke spoke about the goal of the event which was to promote connection and fellowship between the faculty members and students of NU.

“To help promote community and fellowship…university wide, the College of Arts and Sciences [wanted] to host an event where students can drop it and have some fun and connect with one another,” Helmcke said.

Amanda Waterman, the communication department student worker, said that a great amount of time and effort was spent by people from each department, including herself, to make this event enjoyable for students.

“My table was just the communication table. It was super fun, and [all the different tables] had their own unique twist,” Waterman said

Every department had games that were related to their major. In the communication department, they had games that revolved around communicating.

“We had a little bingo game where [students] had to ask people about things…Our last one was people could write a verse and stick it around campus. It revolved around communication in some way,” Waterman said.

The event was intended to help students and faculty members have better relationships as well as to break down barriers in the NU community by encouraging students and faculty to step out of their usual classroom roles.

Sarah Sandford, the CAS office coordinator, spoke about how much the department enjoyed planning the event and said that it was enjoyable to see the different activities that each department hosted.

“It was fun because all of the different departments have different things going on… like [the] history [department has a] quiz about the things that [happened] on Valentine’s Day,” Sandford said.

Because of the success of the Valentine’ s Day event, CAS is looking forward to planning another event next year. Although the theme of it might change, they are planning on still playing interactive games that they will modify and improve for next year for even greater success.

“The faculty will do a contest to throw out ideas and pick which on they want to do… we’re not quite sure [yet] but it was such a successful [event] that we want to do it every year,” Sandford said.